Entry By Damola Elizabeth Ajayi

With the words of the mouth one can save a soul but by the touch of the pen one can save the world in whole. Words of the mouth is like air we breathe, we can’t see nor feel but word of  the pen can be felt and seen an evidence which we can’t dismiss. 
The pen is a sword in its own way, a gun with a strong aim when held and aimed can break or create. It is safe to say the pen determines our fate because with the ink we say, one can be saved or slain. 
A man is glad, for the pen in hand, for the life it can make or break for an ink used wrongly can turn a righteous man worldly. A weapon used to slay or save faster than a hay in flame, a cut it create hurt more than an edge of a blade. 
Gone are the days when we used the sword to test our power and skills now we use the words of the pen to achieve our power and skills. We write down the dreams of what we believe, words we see makes us achieve. 
The ink of the pen can stand for or against, the same ink that can distinguish a king from a slave, can a turn a king to a slave  just by shift of a pen, with a little mistake can be a trick or treat, a hit or a miss. 
The pen tells of the discoveries of many and can bring about the down fall of many, it lift a man up and also push him down. We answer our test by the pen we hold. Written on a piece of paper is the word we ought to remember.                                                                                                                           We are beaten to know the worth of the pen, for the fear of the end of the pen might lead to shed of tears from the eyes of great men. 
And we still kill and steal just a piece of sheet containing few rows of ink which we call a will that we claim can save the hands in which it is found.  It moulds and break, bring joy and pain tells of things we can’t explain. Even the dumb have a really loud cry through the pen they let their words be emphasize, release an extremely loud cry. 
It is the strength and the ability to use it wisely that makes a great warrior, but the pen is what determines a great king, the knowledge he acquires or gain is in the words of the pen he knows which also determines his reign. The law of a king which is so feared and obeyed is passed through the ink of a pen. 
Knowledge is the aim we leave our bed but through the ink is the knowledge we attain. We know of the past only by the ink we found the only prove of our forefather’s existence. 
Through the pen information is passed, education is found, knowledge will stand, without the pen a man will only stand back while his peers are on stand by and wait for their time to stand out. 
Battles comes in one’s life and one has to fight for what is right it isn’t a battle of teeth and fist but of wits and written words to be seen. 
Tell a man in front of his foe of all the ill he said and he will deny of every knowing all the things at all, bring to him his words in ink and he be silent as a grave shows the might of the little ink that we all use each day in a pen. 
And when ones born his given a name to bear to be called with but with the pen he can disappear altering the existence of that very being. The ink of a pen can save a man in place where money has no worth. 
Weak and feeble, we get sick and thin, we thrive and try, and see those who we think can heal the sick, they poke and prick and say what they see, but we ask and plea to see it still, written in ink for all to read so to believe. 
Old feeble weak and grey still have a pen held in the hand strong and rigid than a staff, it a help held in hand when none abounds, helps that helps escape the trouble we’ve found. 
We meet those above for all sort of deals they agree our plea but we still insist that just a little piece of it be written in ink so we can hint and link those who don’t believe, because we know with the words of the pen the power we emit. 
Smile and laugh that what family is about and when it time that money abounds we still persist to seal the deal with those we think will speak for thee. The blind can’t see but can read through the pen, it is powerful enough to give sight to a blind the pen is their eyes they use to see. 
Ink is just liquid but it scares us still because with it, it can turn a proud man meek. The money we claim to have enough is written in ink that we all see and value it. 
Just like the works of the hands we see so is the words of ink we read, it value is obtain from what we see. A man with wealth we all have seen, but the pen we hold can make him broke just by movement of the pen he loses it all. 
It is common knowledge that the works of the hands makes a man rich, but the knowledge of the pen gives a man an edge over his peers. It strengthens the work a man can do because an educated man can only be what he is with the ability of power of the pen he can translate. 
There is nothing we have that the pen doesn’t know about, it keeps a secret even more than a friend, it is a strong defences even more than a shield. It is a small liquid but floods than seas, with information for men to see. 
The pen is pregnant with words but the hands it found determines the word which it account. Just a digit change can cause a change we cannot break only seat and watch because it tells us more than we have ever though. 
It’s in the flow of ink we let our story be told the battles we fought and the horses we mount. In the holy books we read are all stories of people who we believe have done great things passed down to us in ink so we can read. 
The pen is stronger than the action we take, it controls the world and all it entails. It holds our dreams, our history and culture it tells of us even when we are long gone. 
The pen register the deed done by a man both good and evil it tells them apart even those only know to the soul that sin. It tells of the truth hidden by within. 
The pen discovers things we have all forgotten, memories fades away but the pen remains the same. It is found in the hand of the great so as in the hands of the late. The pen creates hospitals we visit and the schools we learn from. 
Remove education from a genius and he turns  and he becomes a finish for what he has read has brought him far ahead, showing the ability of the pen which he will like to pass ahead to generations to enhance the power of the pen. 
The ink places a man on seat is the same ink that is used to unseat. We let the ink do the talking even when a man is not doing his work. Like the light of a candle that can’t be hidden so is the words of ink that we can’t help embracing, its authority still stands unshaking. 
A great nation is made up of great men with great wisdom written down and passed down to make great generations that holds the greatness of the great pen that makes great men and can also break them. 
The ink of a pen is the greatest prize to attain because with it in place the fate of an election is sealed. It can shake the structure of government, it is proved to be mightier than the military formation. 
We say and claim we have lost our stand in a democratic land, when we have the power to speak in the pen we pick, more than the cry we release, is the power of ink to let our voices exceed the pain we receive. We have this that will stand even when we can’t, for the strength we have, is the pen in hand we have found the power that can and tells us that the pen is mightier