Entry By Adojo Mabel

As he got to the gate of the company that Wednesday morning – he was startled by an unusual sight where he saw a crowd gathering and weeping – everyone lamenting at that time. Melvin, still in a blow out of the water, immediately thought it was his friend Kelvin who the tears was for; but as he came down from his car and got close to the gate where the crowd was, he saw his friend – this got him more apprehensive. He went behind and tapped him on the back; Kelvin looked and beheld, his course mate back then in the university who left the country immediately he got done with his Youth Service.  
The aura of mystery around the gory scene was so tensed and tragic that the excitements in the hearts of these closely-knitted friends who have been separated for these long years, was drowned by the situation on ground leaving no reflection on their faces. As Melvin drew closer the more, he found the reason for their tears: this fair, radiant, smartly dressed lady, was lying lifeless on the floor in the pool of her blood.  
The pleasant remarks by everyone about the lifeless lady, got Melvin more confused as to what would have led to the grim murder and that got him more interested. While they stood, an ambulance arrived and then she was carried away to be deposited in a morgue. Kelvin sent the manager of logistics to go with them while he went to the police station to make his statement.  
As they got into the office, he was shedding tears the more with a loud scream, Melvin tried to calm him down. Melvin asked, “what really happened?” Kelvin in tears described the deceased Ojamalia as a nice girl, very intelligent with a charming personality, an impeccable character and peace-loving individual. He was trying to imagine who she could have wronged with such a good lifestyle. He cried the more. Melvin couldn‟t hold back his tears too even though he had not known her, but the words of people about her stirred up his emotions and left him helplessly in tears also. He then told Kelvin his friend, “I will fight with you to see that the perpetrators of this heinous act are brought to book.” 

Months passed, and even years and no one had gotten a clue, not Melvin, Kelvin or the police was able to get the culprits or suspects linking to the gruesome death of such a loving personality – Ojamalia. 
Melvin on the other hand, an influential motivational speaker at that time organized a seminar themed, “The New Nigeria”. In the bid of getting a balanced seminar, which was void of several biases on the grounds of: gender, tribe, social status, affluence and positions; he threw it open to the masses as the publicity was everywhere: social media, radio, television and billboards.  
So many people applied for a slot, the organizing panel through random selections got a certain number of potential speakers based on the time of advertisement. This was done to get a bird‟s eye view approach of the topic in question; where all classes of people could share in their aspirations as to what, “The New Nigeria” could mean to them respectively and not a mere rhetoric that is common to some and alien to others. 
On the D-day, there were so many eloquent speeches given by the randomly-selected speakers on the topic, "The Nigeria of my dream”. Only then did a young unassuming lady stand up and talked about the Nigeria of her dream. She said a lot, but got to the crescendo in her closing remark when one line of her poetry pulled the strings and struck the chords of the listening hearts which left the hearers in an emotionally state of tears; almost everyone around including Melvin, in a moody microclimate when she said, “I dream of a Nigeria where fresh graduates are not sent to their untimely death in the name of serving their nation, where a Corper can happily alight in front of her office without been shot down by unknown gunmen who would never be apprehended for their ungodly act”.  
The people present knew that it was not just a mere speech, but it is more than that so as the seminar ended, Melvin in the company of two of his friends requested to see the young lady. In the course of their conversation, they deciphered that her speech was not an excessive ornateness of language or cock-and-bull story rather a surprising resemblance to veridical perception of her own serving elder sister; borne out of a depth of grief as a result of her sudden demise, caused by the grisly murder to the bullet shots of some unknown deadly gunmen.  

Soon, Melvin tried to put together the pieces of the story, doting all the I(s) and crossing the T(s). Due to the shocking coincidental resemblances between the scene he witnessed and the speech of the lady, he decided to fix a private appointment with the lady for a more convenient day and time in other to unravel the story shrouded with this mystery.  
Finally, they met and Melvin found out that the lady talked about in the story coincidentally was the same Ojamalia, who was shot almost two years ago in front of his friends‟ office. The coincidences were becoming more interesting as he dug the more, more details were unearthed; furthermore, demystifying the enigma.  
As the discussion got deeper, Melvin asked Ajifa the younger sister of the deceased if there was any valuable information about the sister from: suspicious documents, text messages sent or received, recorded voice notes, chats, emails, complaints made, or alarm raised by the deceased during the period that led to her murder. She initially told Melvin that there was nothing. He encouraged her to do a thorough search in other for her to get an evidence, which could help in avenging the death of the deceased if found because he was deeply touched by the situation. 
After a thorough search, Ajifa the younger sister of the deceased suddenly stumbled on a dairy in the possession of late Ojamalia, but she really did not know what to do with it and she also underestimated the usefulness of the small diary. She told Melvin that all she was able to find was a diary, no documents of any sort was found. Melvin requested that the dairy be brought to him. He then took up the case from there and after a little while, with a lot of investigations the culprit was standing in the law court and soon sentenced to 25 years‟ imprisonment. I‟m sure by now you would be wondering what was written in the insignificantly discovered dairy that led to the arrest of the perpetrator of the devilish scheme. 
Ojamalia was such an adorable, humble, friendly and peace loving intelligent lady whose charming personality seem to cover an area of strength not really considered by many as an added advantage. Everyone knew her to be friendly, courteous, respectful, friendly, jovial, but a little was known about her writing prowess. Before the death of Ojamalia, she was a good writer, she would write virtually everything, as she believes that the faintest ink is better than the best memory.  
One day while working in the office, she overheard the director speaking with his friend and planning how to eliminate the director of a particular company who was a threat to them in a contract they were both bidding for from a company overseas who wanted to build some structures in Nigeria. Unknown to her, that the friend saw her and told the director, so both of them planned on eliminating her for the fear that she might leak out their secret plan.  
What a life! Quite unbelievable for Melvin to believe who the law of karma caught up with, his friend Kelvin. He was highly disappointed, as well as shocked with the aftermath of later discoveries leading to the revelation of the culprit. The man behind the mask was actually his close friend Kelvin, who had brought down the building with screams and tears on that fateful day when she died, yet was the brain behind her death.  
After two whole years, just when almost everyone had forgotten about Ojamalia, the death of Corper Ojamalia was avenged for; through an unexpected useful piece of information penned down by the deceased herself. On that fateful day, getting home after work, she quickly grabbed her diary to write down about the happenings of the day writing, „Today, I heard Mr Kelvin‟s plan to eliminate…‟ 
The irony of life! The police, nor the office, her family or friends could trace the death or security cameras in the office. When all hopes had been lost, of any way of getting justice for the deceased, the supposed insignificant pen showed its might in an unusual manner. 
The pen indeed is mightier, Mightier than words, Mightier than deeds, Mightier than even the strongest of weapons! 
But for the pen, her death would have been swept under the carpet as if nothing serious happened. The culprit was walking free due to lack of evidences and traces of the crimes that was neatly covered up. The evil act was carefully planned and perfectly executed without a trace. 

 No matter how long it takes to plan crimes, evil, or good; the probability of being revealed will be very high if the pen is involved in the equation. Don‟t ever underestimate the power of the pen. Even in our technologically advanced generation, we can‟t easily rule out the usefulness of the pen. 
Quite surprising to note, that a big company such as Cruiz Ventures, one of the nation‟s biggest contracting firm could be shut down by an insignificant pen of little or no value. Influence and social status could not exonerate both Mr Kelvin a bigwig and his prestigious firm that belonged to the affluent of the society; both were exposed and punished by a small pen…