The Writpreneurs Workshop

One of the misconceptions that has been widely accepted in our society, is the "thought" that it is not possible to build a writing career which can comfortably fund your life. Alot of persons assume that most writers are hungry people scrambling for societal bread crumps, while only a select few make it to the limelight and to wealth. If one does not know the other side of this story, they will certainly believe it because statistics and real life instances seem to prove those misconceptions to be true. 

Unlike other arts of expression, writing is the least talent/skill people want to build a career on.  A lot of persons aspire to be musicians, actors, comedians etc, because these pathways are perceived to be paved with gold, whereas the lere introduction of yourself as a writer makes people wonder how you "manage" to survive.

At Pen-Impact, we keenly studied these societal patterns and arrived at the conclusion that the writers are to be blamed for the ways the society perceive us and if we want to change that narrative, we must first change the reality. The reality actually points to the fact that not many writers have received the enlightenment and exposure that will guide them to the numerous yet undiscovered and untapped streets of gold in the Writing Sphere. Over time, these people have heard the affluent and influential writers tell them it is possible to make it through writing and feed them with their own success stories, without handing them the hook to go catch their own fishes. 

Therefore we have put up a workshop series for writers who would want to learn the "business" of writing, hence the name: THE WRITPRENEURS WORKSHOP. Our sole aim for organizing this workshop is to teach and raise writers to the consciousness of writing their way to wealth. 

We will be kicking of with three states Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt, beginning with Abuja. To register for the Abuja Workshop taking place on the 22nd of June, at Ventures Pack Abuja, use the link below.

Again, to register for the Abuja Writpreneurs Workshop Click on the link below:

For other enquiries concerning the Abuja Writpreneurs Workshop call/WhatsApp 07019904999. You can simply click on this link to chat us up:

To join the waitlist for Lagos or Portharcourt Workshop, which enables you to be among the first to know the scheduled dates and also benefit from special discount, kindly send an e-mail bearing the following information 
1)Full Names 
3)Phone Number 
To, indicating your interest to participate the Lagos or Portharcourt Workshop.

We look forward to having a swell of time, learning and strategizing, with you all.