How To Create And Launch Your E-Books And E-Courses

We ask you again, what is that one thing that you can talk or share about and deliver excellently on it even if you were feeling sleepy?We still have no doubt that within everyone of us lies something we can confidently share about, some knowledge that can be a blessing to those around us. It may be story telling, cooking recipes and meal planning, styling tips, weightloss tips, skincare hacks, emotional intelligence topics, haircare and grooming, healthy make-up tips, bakery tips and decorations etc. 


Now can you imagine making upto 3MILLION NAIRA THROUGH YOUR BOOK PURCHASE ON I.G?Or making 11MILLION IN 3 MONTHS OF RUNNING A COURSE ONLINE?These are real life stats!


It was when we saw those figures with our eyes opened and we decided to stand up and do something about putting forward our own long over-due E-books and courses. That one  shaky yet bold step of ours pulled in 6-figures in one month of just starting!You see, you never can tell what will happen unless you start first!


E-books and E-courses are one of the most underestimated ways of impacting your circle with knowledge while maximising profit from doing so. The beautiful thing is that once you have created it and launched it on a payment collection platform, you can make money and impact while sleeping!


These days writing of e-books and creating e-courses are no longer left for writers and coaches alone. Business owners are beginning to also use e-books and courses to further client education, product benefit awareness, how to use products and to build a consultancy arm of their business, expanding their income funnel. Everybody is beginning to understand the need to turn knowledge into commodity for passive income generation.


Based on demand and to help many serious  minded persons nail their e-book and e-course goals, we are currently sending out e-mails to 100 persons who would want to create and lunch their first e-books or run their own online courses. 100 persons only. This is your chance to turn your knowledge into a commodity that can bring you passive income.  This month we generated yet again income through our E-courses and E-books and you can too. 


Don't even overthink it, there is something you know that is worth sharing. E-books are the best place to start with when it comes to the field of writing for profit. Even as a career person or business owner, you can share some important information about your industry, services, goods and products through sales of E-books. 


So if you are interested in receiving this e-mail that will get you started, click on the link  below to register using your name, email address, full names and instagram handle etc. Please do not register if you know you are not serious about getting started.

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Alternatively, you can send a DM containing your name, email address and phone number, and we will forward your e-mail to you!


We can't wait to get you started!