Free 21 Days Content-Caption Challenge For The Month Of May.

Hello Fam, our Caption Challenge is Back and Better!You remember we made the first announcement in February and the first challenge took place in March.


On Instagram, the only way you market whatever you sell to people is through what you “say” and what you “show”. I have never seen anyone sell without “saying” or “showing” anything. Even Cardib with 50million or more followers cannot put a picture of her brand stock without “saying” something even if it is in the shortest sentence possible. .

Now what you “say” and what you “show” on IG, is your “Caption” and “Content”. So it baffles me how people who are so keen on selling would want to trivialize the importance of learning “how to say” and “how to show” things about their wares and products to their target audience in an effective way?


Alot of instagram users and business owners have found varying ways to increase their followers or make their page beautiful but one thing that remains a challenge for them is what to tell their audience and how to say it or show it to this audience made up of largely strangers, that will be convincing enough to make them identify with the brand and eventually buy. 


The aim of the February caption Challenge was to help Business Owners and everyone else who wants to master the art of captioning contents on instagram, learn the tricks and tips of what to say and how to say. However, this May edition of the Challenge has an added feature of Content Challenge too!We want to teach you how to “show” your products/goods/services not just how to talk about them. Hence the name, Content-Caption Challenge. In case you are wondering what is in it for you, here you have it:


👉You will know how to generate your own content.
👉You will know how to write captions that wins.
👉You will know how to use content to convert to sales.
👉You will know how to stay consistent
👉You will know how to create basic graphic video and photo content.

👉 In addition you will have a community of business owners who will form a support system for you.


The 21days program will start with a three days INTENSIVE training on Caption and Contents for instagram that will teach everything about the itemized benefits above. Infact you can only get those benefits fully in this intensive training. But guess what, it is not compulsory o. It is for only the smartest. So, after the intensive training that will take place from the 10-12th of May, the practical part of the challenge will begin on the 13th and end on the 1st of June. In those days, participants will receive the content and caption challenge for each day of the week excluding SUNDAYS. Just like every challenge there would be a winner!Guess what, the first three winners of the challenge will receive surprises prizes from us (here is a clue:One of the prize includes free advert on an instagram brand influencers page sponsored by us).


Criteria for winning the prizes would be shared in the group before the challenge begins but one of the criteria definitely includes partaking in the Content-Caption Training.


Now here is the cruz of the matter, In this edition we will be giving out our Content-Caption bootcamp worth 7,000 naira at near half price of 4,500naira only!Yes, you read right. You can join the content caption challenge for free but there are no free slots for the training.  If you would just click on the link below to indicate interest, you will get a discount and instead 4500, you will pay 3,500naira (fastest fingers only)!




So if you mean business and you are ready to upgrade your instagram sales experience through your strategic captions and contents then click on this link already:



We look forward to hearing from you soonest!