Online Coaching and Courses

Writing talent may be innate, but a good writing skill is acquired from exposure, expression, and experience. At Pen-Impact, we offer various packages of extensive coaching services and courses, for our diverse clients. Though our courses are taught in virtual classrooms, students maintain a close interaction and communication with their coaches via the e-mail. All our courses are delivered with topnotch professionalism and expertise. Students do series of assignments, take weekly assessment tests and carry out end-of-program projects, which make up part of their curriculum and qualifies them for certification. Our various coaching packages include:

Free Basic Writing Course:

This is one of the free packages under our CSR projects. It holds three times in a year. The objective is to empower aspiring writers and those who wish to rekindle their creativity, with basic writing skills. This 10-day writing course touches all aspects of writing.

3-Week Standard Writing Course:

This is for every one who wishes to professionalize their writing skills, hone their creativity to perfection while building a confident foundation for a writing career. This highly intensive course, holds bimonthly at an affordable fee of 15,000 naira or 50 USD for international students.

2-Week Niche Writing Course:

This is a niche focused writing course where writers seeking to build a career in a particular niche, acquire the professional skills necessary for standing out in their chosen niches. They also acquire knowledge on how to turn their skills and talent into a profitable business. This course is also intensive and holds bimonthly, one niche at a time. This package comes at affordable fee of 20,000 naira monthly or 60 USD for international students.

3-Week Writing Course for Workplace professionals:

The objective of this course is to train workplace professionals on how to smartly and skillfully execute the various writing tasks which they encounter in their offices. Example of such tasks include; report writing, proposals, project budgets and plans, memo, e-mail writing and etiquettes, techniques and styles of minute writing, newsletters, executive summary etc. We narrow our tutorials down to both cross-sector and sector-specific requirements. This course takes place every four months and the cost of enrolment is ,000 naira only or 75USD for international students. We also conduct corporate trainings for institutions seeking to train their staff.