Social Media Content Management

Are you running out of ideas and struggling with consistently supplying your social media page with posts? Are your posts not generating the desired engagement, i.e comments, likes, shares, etc.? Is your business page not bringing in buyers? Are you struggling to organically grow your followership and increase visibility? Is your social media experience an unsatisfying one? Then you just might be having issues with your content and you should read on.

As trained experts in social media content management and strategies, we know the facts, techniques, tricks and tips that birth mind-changing contents, which will not only bring organic and lasting followership to your page, but also bring in the buying crowd. Our team members develop unique and custom-fit contents for brands. We have at our disposal stock photography, simple design software, relevant news sources, trusted facts and figures and wealth of expert knowledge in social media strategies and content management. We use this pool of resources to develop mind-blowing contents that will not only be irresistible to your audience but also achieve the desired ROI. To get you started on this journey of redefining your social media presence, voice and influence, we have varying service packages for different need categories which you can select from:

1. General Page Management:

this is for clients who would want us to take over the day-to-day management of the their social media page. The services we offer in this package includes:
  • Page content audit
  • 3-month content strategic planning
  • Minimum of 3 visual contents (picture or videos) posts daily
  • Minimum of 3 strategically crafted post captions
  • Story content management (for Instagram and Facebook)
  • Professional profile/bio/ highlight optimization
  • 6 professional and customized graphic designs
  • Page branding
  • Content promotion/marketing
  • Bi-weekly analytical review and impact measurement
  • Bonus Service: Customer care attendance (responding to DMs and engaging with audience in the comment section).

This activities are targeted towards increasing engagement, reach, organic growth, and conversion rate.

Price: 55,000 naira monthly or 160 USD for international clients.

2. Page Content management:

This is for clients who do not need us to manage the day-to-day activities of their page, but would want us to supply them with the suitable contents for their business pages. The services we offer in this package includes:
  • Page content audit
  • Daily supply of 2 visual contents, 5 times in a week.
  • Daily supply of 2 strategically crafted post captions, 5 times in a week.
  • Professional profile/bio/ highlight optimization
  • 4 professional and customized graphic designs
  • Page branding
  • Monthly analytical review and impact measurement

Price: 35,000 naira monthly or 120 USD for international clients.

3. Page Caption management:

This is for clients who only need our help in creating strategic caption for their post. Such clients submit to us, the visual contents (pictures and videos) they intend to share on their pages and we create a befitting and eye-catching captions for them. Submissions are made on weekly basis via e-mail. The maximum number of content to be submitted by a business owner for caption creation in a week is 8.

Price: 20,000 naira monthly or 60 USD for international clients. Weekly payments are not acceptable. This service package runs in monthly cycles.

4. 3-Day Social Media Content Creation Basic Course for Business owners:

Participants will learn the basics of managing their business page content, conducting their content impact measurement/analysis, building content engagement and effective ways of content promotion/marketing to increase sales. Participants get the bonus package of content management planning below.

Price: 15,000 naira or 50 USD for international clients.

5. Content Management Strategic Planning:

This is for clients who would want us to provide them with a feasible plan and schedule that will enable them achieve their desired social media goals for their page. The customized PDF document comes bearing the following details:
  • Client’s Page Audit report
  • Customized Content plan: (containing step by step strategies and daily activities for growing your audience and sale, to meet your set target within a set period of time)
  • Customized Content Calendar: (Containing month-long customized daily schedules for what, how and when to post contents on your page, even in very busy days )

Price: 10,000 naira or 30 USD for international clients.

6. Page Content Auditing:

This is a quick yet properly done analysis of the existing content on a client’s page, thus revealing the strengths and weaknesses of their activities, identifying which content type should be removed, improved and optimized, while studying well-performing competitors’ strategies.

Price: 5,000 naira or 15 USD for international clients.

Content is the life-wire of social media. A social media page without pictures, videos, captions, posts etc., is a lifeless page. However for business owners, institutions, organizations, public figures and anyone who wants to get the very best out of their social media experience, such page contents must be strategically developed and targeted at conveying their values and essence to their desired audience. The presence or absence of great and strategic contents can make or mar the opportunities of making profits or impact through your social media platform. There is no successful business or influence on social media that is not dependent on great and strategically developed content, unless that which belongs to a topnotch celebrity. What you say/show and how you say/show it, can pull or push the needed audience to and from you. The lack of knowledge about content strategies have crippled many good businesses, and we do not desire that yours should fall into or remain in that category, so we are here to help.