Writing and Editing Services

Writing Services

Hi, you are probably biting your pen, surfing the internet and breaking down in cold sweats, scratching your cute head in search of ways to smash that overwhelming writing task. Aww, we’ve got you covered, we are your fairy godmother for everything writing and we are here to help. So, take the pen out of your mouth, hand over the writing task to us, take a warm bath to clean up the sweats and just go to sleep.

We offer professional custom writing, and editing services. We deliver with expertise and efficience the following you services:

  • Creative Writing: This includes scriptwriting, story-writing, poetry, plays, ghostwriting, personal essays, memoirs, songwriting, etc.
  • Business/Professional Writing: This includes business plans, business proposals, user manuals, memo, financials, minutes, essays and articles, official letters, advertisement/marketing articles, emails, content marketing articles, grant writing, project/workplace reports, term papers and research writing etc.
  • Social Writing: This includes all form of writing for social sharing, such as customized goodwill messages, speeches, romantic messages, custom birthday/anniversary messages, tribute/funeral writings and all forms of writing fitting for social occasions.
  • Content Writing: This includes brand journal/influencing articles, social media writing, blog/website content writing, SEO copywriting etc.

Editing Services

We transform your writing to a pristine piece of art, by taking away the mess and enhancing the message. We offer two kinds of editing services:

  • Copy-editing only : Here we simply check your copy for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses & other grammatical errors. We also check for continuity, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, missed words, and the likes. In other words, this type of editing involves correcting the language of your text only. At Pen-Impact, we do this at a standard price of: 0.004USD or 1.5naira per word, for copies with word count above 30,000 and 1.00 naira/word for copies with less than 30,000 words. Delivery period takes maximum of two weeks, terms and conditions apply. For emergency services, prices vary according to time-frame.
  • Total Editing : This is a detailed and developmental kind of editing. It involves evaluating not just the language of your text but also the content, concept, narrative development and strategizing. This includes checking for factual errors, contradictions, inconsistencies, and evaluating whether the theme has been properly developed and the concept properly explained as well as comprehensible. This may involve making changes to both the content and the structure of the manuscript or even re-writing where necessary. We offer these services at the standard price of 2.00 naira per word for word counts less than 30,000, and 2.5naira for word count for words above 30000. Delivery period takes maximum of one month. Prices and length of delivery period vary with urgency.

Benefits of choosing us for your writing and editing needs:

  • No plagiarism: You can count on us to provide original contents that you can boldly present anywhere without fear of being called out for plagiarism. “Copy and Paste” without appropriate referencing is against our organizational culture. We take the work upon ourselves to provide you with custom-made services.

  • Ability to meet deadlines: We work tirelessly to meet our clients’ deadlines, and we do not exceed our maximum time of delivery, all things being equal. We are endowed with every necessary capability to meet even the slimmest deadline. In a situation where we know we cannot meet up with a client's deadline, we do not accept the contract, so you can be sure that once we accept to render a service, we live up to our word.

  • Almost Round-the-Clock Availability: We have ready hands and team of writers, available to attend to the needs of our clients at a nearly round-the-clock basis. This makes us your best port of call in emergency.

  • Trained Writers and Editors: In an era where being an editor or writer is a tag almost everyone wears, we stand out by working with only trained and trusted writers and editors. We train them ourselves and also expose them to external training, and test them severally, in keeping with best practices, before we trust them with our clients’ projects.

  • Confidentiality: We consider our work with you to be very delicate and we protect it with every fiber of our integrity. All details supplied for writing your copies and the contents of all manuscript submitted for editing, are kept safe and private.

  • We go the extra mile: We believe in giving more value to our clients than expected, so we deliver beyond the pay-check. We go the extra mile to supply our clients with the best services.

  • Praying through the Process: As a Faith-based enterprise, you can be rest assured that while our hands are busy on your work, our knees are busy in prayers too.